nope, move along

Spark Dazzle is my main/personal tumblr. It’s basically just a sharing medium for media I find worth sharing, with occasional bits of original content thrown in.

Love-Soaked Neurons is a tribute tumblr dedicated to MDMA. It features various MDMA-related media goodies and offers snippets of information in the interest of harm reduction.

If you are looking for my original art and photography, I no longer display those on tumblr. You can find some of my work on my venerable yet active DeviantART account. I do not feature my artsy creations elsewhere at the moment.

note: if I follow or comment on your tumblr, you’ll see me doing so as shockmachine since that is the name of my tumblr account…but this url is not in use as an actual tumblr; go check out Spark Dazzle instead :)